Farm Raised.. Caviar?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered yesterday that it is possible to buy farm raised caviar and support one of Florida’s most innovative marine science centers. Which one? Why Mote Aquarium, of course.

I’ve long since known Mote had a sturgeon research project but had no clue they were actually producing caviar in small quantities for the market. You can find dark Siberian sturgeon roe on CaviarStar right now.

Mote’s in the news for one other reason: their awesome science education programs. Mote’s educators were just awarded the Pinnacle Award from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration for their incredibly awesome videoconference programs offered via their distance learning center and the great website, SeaTrek. This is some very high praise and it’s certainly been earned!  You can see more of the museums, zoos, and science centers that earned the award at CILC.


One Comment to “Farm Raised.. Caviar?”

  1. Mote is totally awesome.
    As is Harbor Branch.
    I love both of those places.