Weekend Reading: Hearing Loss in Stranded Whales & Polar Bear Evolution

Two incredibly intriguing papers came out this week in PLoS One concerning polar bear’s rapid evolution and their potential long term outlook in a changing habitat as well as the impact stranding can have on the hearing abilities of odontocete whales, including dolphins.  It was a good week for the marine biology nerds, indeed.

It will be a good weekend for us too.  Today TEDx is hosting, via the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a special event convening now to discuss the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Here’s hoping they post the talks from the meeting today rapidly and regularly for all of us to consider and contemplate.  But if you’ve got nothing else to do with your beautiful Saturday, you can actually watch the event live right now!  I’m especially excited to see Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish, which I have followed for years, speak about leading by example.

As of today, the One Ton Landed project has recovered 1,084 pounds of marine debris from the IRL system.  That’s a far cry from the two thousand pounds we were hoping to collect, but there’s still nearly two months left in 2010 and I have a lot of weekend hours earmarked to try to make this little dream come true.


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