Envious of Bali's Beautiful Green School


Green School in Bali may be the most incredible idea for an educational center I’ve ever seen. It brings together so many elements from my ideal teaching settings (outdoors, with the breeze blowing, and with natural light) I’ve encountered while conducting environmental outreach.   In short: I love it!

Admittedly, a school in this format won’t work everywhere.  Not everyone can have a cow for a lawn mower, nor would an open air classroom work for kids living in Bangor, Maine.  But it’s a great step towards a more holistic approach to housing children while they learn and offering an idea, a new perspective, of where we can teach.  Literally the entire world is our potential classroom.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could integrate more of the practical and natural knowledge from any local area into what we teach our children?  And, at the same time, change the focus from babysitting them in concrete block boxes to encouraging their learning by inspiring them with what is literally around them.