Right Whales in Delaware!

For those of you not in-the-know, I originally hail from the second smallest state: Delaware. I have a lot of love and pride for the University of Delaware, my Fightin’ Blue Hens (yes, a chicken, I know), and all the amazing memories I have of growing up in the mid-Atlantic.

But I never experienced anything like the video above when I was a kid!

On November 21st a small group of Delawareans set out on the Tide Runner and were motoring through the Indian River Inlet (not to be confused with my beloved Floridian waterbody the Indian River Lagoon) when they got the sighting of a lifetime of a whale.  The kids in the video look pretty non-plussed but I nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement.  Considering the white bumps (called callosities) across the front of the whale’s face, I’m pretty sure this is a North Atlantic right whale!

Color me super surprised and jealous.  I have never before heard of right whales entering this inlet and was not aware that they might travel to more inland waterways at all.

I’ve put out some emails to the research guys who specialize in right whales and hope to have more to say about this interesting sighting in the next few days.  Stay tuned!


One Comment to “Right Whales in Delaware!”

  1. That is too nifty for words! I once upon a time considered doing my graduate thesis on Northern Right Whales and the effects of sonar.. but yeah.. grad school never happened.