Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Infant Anole

I’m not sure if there is a true breeding or hatching season for baby anoles around Central Florida – I seem to see the little ones on a regular basis all throughout the year.  Sometimes they’re so naive they’ll freeze and effectively pose for incredibly long stretches so I can practice my macro shots in photography.  This little guy last a good thirty-five minutes before I finaly let him be; he’s flattened himself here on the concrete steps to the house right next to a pink rose bloom.  And yes, that’s a single petal that’s completely dwarfed him in the top left corner.

It’s a shame human kids aren’t so good at patience with the camera.


2 Comments to “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Infant Anole”

  1. Gah! Invasive species.

    “We were told the females lay eggs every 14 days, which could explain the large number of young anoles.”

  2. Unfortunately true.. he’s a little Cuban hitchhiker. They’re quite nearly all I see around the house but out towards the back decking and the orange grove, there is a whole family of native green Florida anoles. Although they are decidedly wily and almost never stop to pause for the camera. I’ll keep trying for them though!