Happy Ocean Day! Now Go Get Wet!

It’s World Oceans Day!  Are you up to anything special for the Big Blue this year? I am!  I’ll be out on the Canaveral National Seashore picking up as much trash as possible to help protect this years’ sea turtle nests and the hatchlings we’ll see later in the season.

I know what you’re thinking: “Sarah, you do that every week!”  Touche my fishy friends, touche.  In addition to my pickup on the sand in the morning I’ll be taking my walk to the Indian River Lagoon to intensively clean my homestretch near the Max Planck causeway (with it’s new bridge) as well as hoping to hop down to Kelly Park – a favorite manatee haunt – to do some cleaning and monofilament recovery as well.

If you don’t have the day off and can’t manage to get out to a waterway for the Oceans you can still do plenty for them online.  Oceana is asking people to Be An Ocean Hero by making a simple pledge to recycle, eat sustainable seafood, or clean a waterway in the future.  I say pick one, sign up to receive great updates from the Oceana team, but plan to do all three.

And you needn’t stop there of course: green your personal care products, your home cleaning products, your sunscreen, and try to eat organic where you can.  Everything eventually rinses down the drain and towards the Ocean.. remember that!

The WOD main page is also hosting a Twitter party (not that I’m really sure what that is..) using the hashtag #WOD and you could possibly win prizes.  And if you’re a Florida local and actually do find yourself twiddling your thumbs tomorrow, practically every nonprofit in the state is hosting a WOD event.    Even Nemo over at Disney!

With all these amazing Ocean events going on I’m almost overwhelmed and absolutely psyched to get to work!  By tonight I’m going to be needing a nap, a shower, and a well deserved meal.. maybe alongside a tasty oyster stout?  Ok, maybe not.  But there is one more ocean activity for the evening!

The Smithsonian Institute is hosting National Geographic Ocean Fellow Enric Sala and will webcast his talk “The Last Wild Places in the Ocean” at 6:30pm EDT.  Do not miss this!  I’ll be taking some cliff notes, but I have a feeling the images he’ll show and discuss about the oceans pockets of vibrant life will give us all some real hope for the future of our little blue planet’s Blue.


3 Comments to “Happy Ocean Day! Now Go Get Wet!”

  1. Happy Oceans Day!

    Thanks so much for including us in the post. Have fun on the Canaveral National Seashore today!

  2. Happy Oceans Day!

    Thanks so much for including us in your post. Have fun on the Canaveral National Seashore today!

  3. Happy Oceans Day and thank you for sharing this blog post.

    One of my fave green groups, Greenopolis, is celebrating the beautiful ocean on this very celebratory day, but we want to remind you that the oceans are not just beautiful – people also need to protect them. They are critical for our survival and they are in need of Ocean Aid. http://youtu.be/JzjH1rq9VVA