Techno Flying Manatee Attack!

I spent the morning reading Jon Lithgow’s very lovely I’m a Manatee children’s book to a squad of camp children at the local library.  One of the kids had a great question: “What do manatees sound like?”  Well, squeaky.  That’s the real answer.

It made me think of my favorite line in the book though: “I’m a manatee!  I’m a manatee!  … No one will ever hear me use profanity!”

Naturally I believed Lithgow on this, until I found the above video while googling “manatee sounds”.  This is decidedly NSFW if you turn your speakers up loud.. but I’m pretty sure the title tipped you off to that!  You can file this under dumb but in my sleep-deprived state it’s solidly hilarious.

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