It's World Sea Turtle Day!

Hawksbill sea turtle in the Caymans, Photo: M. Vinciguerra

It’s World Sea Turtle Day! Wonderful people like those at the Sea Turtle Preservation Society here in Florida are celebrating the day (it’s also famed turtle researcher Archie Carr’s birthday) by hosting open houses with book signings, food, and fun for the kids.

The Loggerhead Marinelife Center further down the state is continuing their turtle nest surveys, summer camps, and open houses.  (Over 2,000 loggerheads have nested already on their 9.8 mile stretch of beach.  And I definitely recommend you find out how Kahuna the sea turtle got the same star treatment as Terrell Owens and Michael Jackson from LMC staff!)

What are you doing for the day?  Remember to keep refusing those plastic bags and other items if you can avoid them and if you’ve got the means, consider supporting LMC or STPS by joining them as a member.  Or perhaps you’re local enough to consider a turtle walk?  Both organizations are permitted through the state and run these night time beach adventures and with yesterdays full moon (and lunar eclipse!) I bet the turtle activity is pretty strong out there right now.

UPDATE:  On a visit to Canaveral National Seashore today we counted 103 nests along a 1.5 mile stretch of beach!  Nearly all of them loggerheads.