"Ode to the Credit Card Captains"

As you may know, my parents have been off on a sailing adventure in the BVI’s for the past two weeks. They came home with great tans, good stories, and a renewed ability to cope with their crazy busy lives in the States. (Honestly I’m just glad they came back, I was pretty sure I’d get a phone call telling me to sell the house and all their belongings and forward the proceeds to their new expatriate lifestyle in the Carribbean.)

Sail charters in the BVI’s are fairly common, but not all the potential captains are particularly well screened for competency. Case in point, the “Credit Card Captains” in this jaw-dropping little video. Whew. Of course I’m far more concerned about the damage done to the harbor by the anchorage, dragging of mooring balls, and all the rest – but my Dad assures me most of the harbor where this scene unfolded is sand and rubble rock bottom, so they probably didn’t damage too much seagrass bed and coral reef in the process.