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March 29, 2012

Something About Cats and Tuna ..

I couldn’t resist the title.  This is a clip of dolphins Shiloh and Thunder having quite the interactive session with Arthur the cat at Theater of the Sea in Islamorada, Florida.  The clip is pretty old – back from 1997 – but it sure does make me raise an eyebrow or two.  What about you?  Harmless and enchanting clip?  Or possibly encouragement to otherwise-well-meaning Floridians to go out and interact with wild dolphins?  (Particularly since its not too obvious until you see the bridge – the whistle – that these are trained animals.)

March 28, 2012

Make Way for the Crabs!

The horseshoe crabs are back into spawning season and FWCC is asking, once again, for sharp eyed naturalists to keep an eye out for mating pairs and satellite males.  New and full moons, along with the high tide, tend to be the best days to view the animals as they emerge onto the beach to dig, lay, and fertilize their delicate eggs.  The upcoming full moon on April 6th will likely be a day for high activity, particularly with the warm welcoming weather we’ve been experiencing in Florida lately.

You can report sightings online or even email findings to  Pay particular attention to details like:

  • Number of crabs, whether paired or satellite males near a paired couple
  • How big the animals are (4″ or less is a juvenile)
  • Date, Time, Location, Habitat type, and Weather Conditions (including moon phase) where you observed them

I’m hoping to catch some crabs in action this weekend near my usual stomping grounds on the Indian River Lagoon.  As ever, I’ll be out on trash pickup duty, and hope to have some photos for curious readers to see exactly how the debris situation has improved (or worsened) since I was last out in the fall.