A selection of published work found around the web: 

The Conservation Minded Aquarist (Sarah Lardizabal) 2007. Reefkeeping.  6(2).

Beyond the Refugium: A Macroalgae Primer (Sarah Lardizabal)  2007.  Reefkeeping.  5(12).

Reefslides: A Macroalgae ID Guide (Sarah Lardizabal) 2006.  Reefkeeping 5(9).

Beyond the Refugium: Seagrass Aquaria (Sarah Lardizabal) 2006. Reefkeeping. 5(3).

The Genus Halophila: Stars, Paddles and Oars for Marine Planted Aquaria (Sarah Lardizabal) 2006. Conscientious Aquarist.  3(3).

Plants for the Marine Aquarist (Sarah Lardizabal) 2006. Marine Depot – Online library.

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