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June 22, 2011

Midweek: Sylvia Earle, Saturnine Seas, Sunken VWs

A Florida manatee hanging out in the freshwater springs, Photo: Callie Gaines

For your reading pleasure and consideration on this very hot, very muggy, but still very beautiful day in Florida:

Sylvia Earle: If the Sea Is In Trouble, We’re All In Trouble @ The Independent

Sexually Frustrated Dolphins Go On Murderous Rampage @ Grist (a little flippant, but still interesting)

Enceladus, A Moon of Saturn, May Have Ocean Beneath Its Surface @ NYTimes

The VW Bug Artificial Reef @ Advanced Aquarist

A Scientist’s Guide to Influencing Decision Making // A Decision Maker’s Guide to Using Science @ Science to Action

June 15, 2011

Midweek Break: Food, Foreigners, and Losing Things

Soft corals in the current, Photo: S. Lardizabal

Introducing the mid-week break, the WaterNotes version of a link roundup or a “what I’ve been reading lately” lineup. It may not always be strictly on topic with our usual themes, but I promise it will be interesting:

Pulling the Plug @ Worst Professor Ever

The Lost Container Cruise @ Failure Magazine

McDonald’s Filet of Fish to Come With Eco-Guarantee @ Fish2Fork

Invasive Species: Guilty Until Proven Innocent? @ Cool Green Science, The Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Blog