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August 12, 2011

Manatee Release Photos Part II

FWC posted a few more fantastic photos from yesterday’s release of a four year old male at Kars Park in Merritt Island, FL.  In them you can easily view the panel truck that SeaWorld Orlando uses for transport of injured and rehabilitated manatees (note the extensive styrofoam padding) and get a sense of the overall procedure for releases.   You can also see in a few photos where the FWC biologists do last minute health checks to ensure the patient is ready and rarin’ to go and to do finalized photographs of scar patterns for future identification purposes.

In some cases released manatees are tagged with satellite trackers so that movements can be detected.  The belt is worn at the tail stalk where the paddle meets the body.  This individual doesn’t appear to be carrying one.

Also, I see some familiar faces from the SeaWorld crowd in these photos!  The Animal Care team pictured here represents decades worth of vested time and experience in caring for marine mammals.  And they’re all quite fabulous off the clock as well.  Cheers again for both teams’ hard work in the hot sun!

June 22, 2011

Turtle Release! And You Can Help!

Calling all central-Florida-sea-turtle-lovers! The Sea Turtle Preservation Society just announced an upcoming release of 32 juvenile loggerhead turtles into the Indian River Lagoon on Monday, June 27th.  Do you want to view the action and/or participate?  You can!

The juvenile turtles were previously part of the National Marine Fisheries Service TED (turtle excluder device) certification trials and are now ready to head back to the wild.  NMFS’ Ben Higgins is hosting the release.

Where to go:

Head on down to Melbourne and pickup coastal highway A1A.  Drive south, passing a great deal of very charming mailboxes with awesome island themes, until you come all the way down to Sebastian Inlet State Park.  Continue about one mile further south of the inlet and find a spot on the Lagoon side (not the ocean side!) to park.  This is the site of the release.


June 27th, Monday, bright and early!  The release is schedule for 8a.m. and NMFS is asking that volunteers arrive no later than 7:45a.m.  And yes, this is rain or shine!

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes!  If you’re interested in assisting you MUST bring water shoes that are closed toe and clothing for getting wet.  You’ll be waist-deep in the IRL’s waters for the actual release.  I’d say sunscreen, hats, water, and towels are also good bets.  It’s a long drive down to the inlet on A1A with few pitstops for food and water, although the early morning time will make the release much more enjoyable.  Bring your mosquito repellant too!

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make this event personally but if you do go take some photos!  You could be a guest blogger on WaterNotes!