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August 11, 2011

Marmoset for Sale? Better Have A Permit!

Remember the other week when FWC officers busted a guy on out-of-season hunting violations based on his Facebook photos?  Well, the FWC doesn’t stop there in using the internet to search out wildlife violations in Florida.

Recently officers were tipped that a man was attempting to sell a marmoset – a small monkey requiring a special permit for sale and possession in our Sunshine state – via internet classifieds.  They set up a sale with him over the web to purchase the animal at $2,700.  When the man opened up his home for the investigators to view the monkey for purchase, they smacked him with several misdemeanors after he failed to produce the necessary permit, including a violation that the size of the cage for the monkey was not in keeping with standards.

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June 24, 2011

Facebook Photos Lead to Wildlife Bust

Good idea: The FWC posting video on YouTube to show how their biologists go about surveying bay scallops in Florida’s waters that help set bag limits on the fishery through the season (going on now).

Bad idea: Posting photos to Facebook of your illegally caught white-tailed deer and alligator and being busted by FWC based on that evidence.

Technology being used against us isn’t all about Google searches on “chloroform” and texting scandals it would seem!